October 12th 2012

St Martin In The Fields, Andrew MacNeil - Saxophone, World Premiere 'Elegy for Daniel Pearl' for saxophone and organ.

August 12th 2012

Manchester Flute Convention, World Premiere 'Return to Avalon' played by William Bennett and Samuel Coles.

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July 22nd 2011
World premier piano concerto 'El Hedaiya' - The Gift. Cadogan Hall, London - English Chamber Orchestra, Amira Faoud - Piano

September 19th 2011
Piano concerto 'El Hedaiya' - The Gift. Cairo Opera House - English Chamber Orchestra, Amira Faoud - Piano

May 2009
Barbican - World Premier 'Up On The One' - Full Orchestra dedicated to Miles Davis

Febuary 2009
English Chamber Orchestra/Bristol - World Premier 'Sahara' - John Anderson/Oboe

Celtic Connection Festival 17th January 2009 - World Premier 'Conflict & Resolution' BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

September 1st 2008 - 'Rhapsody Of The Spheres' - Solo Organ - St Martin In The Fields, London

LAst Song Of Avalon The Last Song of Avalon written by British composer and flautist Dave Heath, is an extraordinary story of reincarnation.

The Last Song of Avalon simultaneously follows the life of Amiel Bedevere, a Knight of King Arthur’s in the thirteenth century, and Joe Fielding, a musical boy born in the mid 20th century.

In middle age Joe Fielding meets a powerful psychic and the two lives connect. The story shows how past lives affect our present lives but at a subconscious and cellular level, and how we often reincarnate in soul groups, re-meeting people we have known before.

“The joy of Isis is accorded to us”
W. A. Mozart {The Magic Flute}

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DAVE HEATH - The Last Song Of Avalon {2012}

DAVE HEATH - Out of the Cool {1975}

DAVID HEATH - The Magic Flute - final act

HEATH - Seek and you shall find - THE TRUTH - part 1 {full version}

The song of ISIS - THE TRUTH - part 2

DAVE HEATH - Requiem {2001}


Manhattan Rave - percussion concerto {1994}

Up on the one - {2009}

Golden Sunset {2003}

DAVE HEATH - Alone at the frontier [1993}

Fight the Lion {1982}

John Coltrane's 'Naima' - Liam Hendrix-Heath, Trumpet Arr. David C Heath

Dave Heath's film 'A Song For Daniel Pearl'.

The final scene of the HBO documentary about Daniel Pearl 'The Journalist And The Jihadi'.

Dave Heath and The Scottish Ensemble 'Free The Spirit' for Alto Flute and string orchestra

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