On Fire - 1986

For cello and piano (also soprano sax or flute or violin versions). Duration, 15 minutes.

In the early 1980's I has seen Jacqueline du Pre at a concert, her hands tied to her wheel chair, unable to walk or talk, but still a towering presence. This scene and intensity of her playing inspired me to write this piece which is basically the story of the spirit triumphing over disease - the avant-garde elements representing the disease and the romantic sections representing the spirit.

Published by Chester Music.

Recorded by Melissa Phelps and Scott Mitchell for Rage Records - The Rage.

Gentle Dreams - 1987

For cello and piano (also versions for flute, violin and soprano sax) Duration, 3 minutes.

Written in 1987 on the birth of my sisters' son Mark, Gentle Dreams is a short lullaby.

Published by Camden Music.

Recorded by Julian Lloyd Webber - "Cradle Song"

Avalable on Philips 442 426-2

Forest - 1988

For flute, clarinet, harp, string quartet. Duration, 17 minutes.

Forest is a protest piece about the world's forests being chopped down. In the piece the harp represents the natural world while the other instruments sometimes complement the harp and sometimes fight against it.

Published by Heath Music.


The Wild Thing - 1989

For String quartet. Duration, 22 minutes.

In early 1989 Nigel Kennedy asked me to write a quartet which became The Wild Thing. I decided to write a biographical piece about Nigel, himself learing to play developing through various styles.

Published by Heath Music.


The Frontier - 1989

For String Orchestra. Duration, 15 minutes approximately.

The Frontier was inspired by a trip to New York in 1989 - the frontier being the streets and atmosphere of downtown Manhattan. The piece is in three sections, slow-fast-slow. The middle part has been written in such a way that it can be played by itself as the 'encore version', and makes a good encore piece.

The World premiere of The Frontier in its 'encore' version was given by the London Chamber Orchestra directed by Christopher Warren-Green in Guernsey on the 5th of July 1990. The first performance of the complete work was given on the 18th of January 1992 at Christchurch, Islington, London, by the Opus 20 String Ensemble directed by Scott Strongman.

Published by Chester Music.

Recording was made of the 'Encore Version' by The London Chamber Orchestra conducted by Christopher Warren-Green. It was released on Virgin Classics VC7 91168-2 (CD) and VC7 91168-4 (Cassette).

Piano Concerto No 1 "The Passion" - 1989

Piano concerto. 2222/3/2/1/2 perc./strings Duration, 22 minutes.

Passion Unleashed is a twenty minute piece in one continuos movement influenced by the rhythm and harmony of Stravinsky, modern jazz and contemporary funk - the orchestra is used as a "sampled sound" in some sections.

The work begins and ends with solo piano, in between which there are several episodes, some slow, some fast, building to a climax (before the final piano section) where the piano and orchestra are in complete conflict - the piano like Rachmaninoff, the orchestra like Stockhausen.

Published by D.C. Heath Music.

First performed by Hillary Darran Wetton and the Milton Keynes Orchestra with solo piano by Piers Lane.

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