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1990 - Berlin Wall
Published by Camden Music.

For violin, cello, & piano. Duration, 9 minutes.

One of the most moving political movements in the last 50 years was the Berlin Wall being torn down and people pouring through to West Germany from the East.

Berlin could almost be described as variations on a theme - the theme being the Russian National anthem. It starts with the anthem being played in a Jimi Hendrix style on the cello depicting the coldness and harshness of the old regime: this progresses to an aggressive rhythmic percussive section which finally breaks into a romantic arrangement of the Russian national anthem after the wall comes down.

Berlin Wall is dedicated to the inspirational Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

Recorded on Freestyle Classics - Rain, Fire and Passion.

 1991- Free the Spirit
Published by Chester Music.

Concetos for flute/alto flute and orchestra

2222/2/1/1/1 Perc./Strings Duration - 25 Minutes

This work was jointly commissioned by the Philharmonia and Symphony Hall, Birmingham. It was first performed as Cry from the Wild, on 13th June 1992 at Symphony Hall, by James Galway and The Philharmonia conducted by Leonard Slatkin.

Free the Spirit is a revised version of the work. It was first performed on the 4th of July 1994 at the Cheltenham Festival, by the composer with Eos conducted by Charles Hazelwood.

No recording is currently available.

1992 - The Connemara
Published by Chester Music.

Flute concerto - for flute and strings.Duration 15 minutes approximately.

Living in one of London's roughest and most violent areas - Stoke Newington - I always used to imagine life in one of the remote coastal villages of Ireland or Scotland, so when I was asked to write a work for the BT Scottish Ensemble it provided me with an opportunity to utilise the musical ideas which the thought of such tranquility conjured up. I called the piece The Connemara after that beautiful part of Ireland.

The framework on which the is based draws on these images and ideas, but is also influenced by the modern jazz harmony of Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea and by the sounds of the Japanese flute the shakuhachi. The Connemara is in one movement, three-section form, fast-slow-fast. When I play the piece myself, I use many alternative fingerings to give it an exotic flavour.

Recorded by Dave Heath and The Scottish Ensemble.

Recorded on Freestyle Classics - The Celtic.