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Flute concerto no 4 'Heaven and Earth' - 2000

[flute,percussion and strings]

'Heaven and Earth' is my second concerto for James Galway the first 'Free the Spirit' having been premiered in 1992 by the Philharmonia Orchestra.

The first movement 'Heaven' is about extreme beauty, and for this I have used Tibetan bells and gongs combined with the sound of running water in order to create a transcendental atmosphere.After a huge opening tam tam roll the flute finally enters, firstly with a simple three note theme and then, when the strings enter playing a low drone, an Indian Raga feel develops.The main theme of the piece is then introduced simply and quietly on solo strings.This theme is based harmonically on some Celtic harmony I was experimenting with and I refer to it as the 'Galway' theme, having written it with Jimmy's sound and expression in mind. The movement develops this Celtic based material,and having climaxed on a top D-- { officially out of the flutes range!! } -- then slowly fades to a haunting close.

The second movement 'Earth' opens with an aggressive rhythmic motif which comes directly from the Rave and Acid house scene.The flute, now in virtuoso mood, interjects several times, sometimes playing with the strings,and sometimes pitted against them.This in turn builds to a frenetic solo cadenza which gradually calms down, and then reintroduces some of the thematic material from the first movement.The tranquillity and stillness of that is then brutally shattered by a quick return to the Rave material, now developed into a wildly virtuosic coda section.

Duration: 15 mins first performed by James Galway and the St Paul's Chamber orchestra not recorded.

published by D C HEATH Music

Gottleib - 2001

For solo organ

'Gottlieb' is in one movement lasting approximately ten minutes, and comprising of three basic sections: slow,fast, slow. The slow sections have at times a baroque feel in terms of articulation and overall sound,although the chord sequences are contemporary jazz based.

The middle section of the work is Rave music influenced,using the stereophonic and spatial aspects of the organ at the beginning, then gradually evolving into a romantic fantasy, still based on the original driving Rave rhythm,but developing harmonically and bringing in themes from the beginning. At several points I have interjected short modern jazz like and triad based figures, thus emulating the sampled and disjointed nature of many of todays rock and dance tracks.

Gottlieb is dedicated to a man who had a huge influence on my life,Sydney Gottlieb.

Not recorded, first performed by Simon Nieminski at St Mary's Cathedral Edinburgh

Duration 10 mins

Published by D C HEATH Music recorded on Freestyle Classics - Golden Sunset.

Requiem - 'The Beloved' - 2001

Music - Dave Heath
words - Anke Medrington

Scored for: solo soprano, solo treble, oboe, organ, full choir

'The Beloved' was written about Paul Medrington aged five, who died in tragic circumstances on the 26th December 2000.

I wanted to write this piece partly because we as a family, had got to like Paul so much, even though he was a little imp, partly because I couldn't be at hÎis funeral, and partly because his mother, German writer Anke Medrington, had brought round some very powerful and moving words about Paul - 'He was my heart's most beloved, he always wanted to kiss me, if I could hold him in my arms once more, with kisses I would cover him' [translated from the German original which I have used for the piece].

'The Beloved' is basically the story of someone coming to terms with great loss---from horror and disbelief,to anger,to acceptance, to finally expressing joy for Paul's life.

Some of the words are things Paul had actually said to his mother - 'when I was still a spirit, I saw a woman in Australia by a lake, I nearly went to her, but I chose to come to you' -he had consistently said that from an early age, also the line - 'I was a boy in school' - was on his stepfather's answerphone -Paul was supposed to say 'I was a good boy in school -I got a smilie sticker' -but I have used what he actually said for the text.

'The Beloved' is scored for choir,organ,solo soprano,solo treble,and solo oboe. The idea for the oboe came from the fact that the main theme of Paul's favourite CD [the soundtrack to the film 'The Mission'] was an oboe solo.

As parents we would actually see very little of Paul when he came round, he would race through the door, change as quickly as possible into his superman suit,and that's the last you would hear from him or my two boys Liam[batman] and Calum [Robin] for the next few hours.

The Beloved is dedicated to Paul, and all those who have lost children

Rest in peace superman

Duration 22 mins recorded on Black Box - Sirocco.

Published by D C HEATH Music

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